Welcome to NEE Channel


To test the feasibility of the NEEbytes blockchain and mining system, we have created the NEE channel to enable you to convert your data into NEEbytes cryptocurrency and further monetize the data you are spending inside the NEE Channel platform.


Our test project aims to share 50% of all revenue generated inside the NEE channel through market research and target advertisement to you due to your cookie data.


Like any other social platform in the NEE channel, you will be able to share your thoughts and insights, make new friends, share your best pictures and videos. To top it up, you can monetize and find out how much your data is worth.


We have designed NEE Channel to be a mining platform, but we understand that our technology can open the crypto world doors to a whole new audience. To bring on board and accommodate new crypto enthusiasts, we have designed a tool inside the NEE channel to get you up to date with the latest in the crypto market. It provides you with tutorials through our blogs and easy access to what is happening in the crypto world through our Crypto World page(on the left side of your window), should you choose to dig deeper into the industry. 


How To mine NEEbytes inside NEE Channel


To start mining NEEbytes, you will need to authenticate yourself by performing a KYC ( Know Your Customer ) to protect the integrity of the blockchain and distribution of coins and avoid multiple accounts and bots trolling the system.


Like any other social platform, you can use NEE Channel by following terms and conditions guidelines and enjoying yourself. Essentially, you do you. Think of NEE Channel as a forked version of Facebook so that you can find out the actual value of your data!


Mining NEEbytes inside NEE Channel


To start, let’s get some terminology out the way:


1000 NEEbytes = 1 NEE coins 


As you browse through the NEE channel and use the native features of our platform, you will be able to mine NEEbytes.


Mining distribution inside NEE Channel happens as follow:


Your KYC authentication not only protects the integrity of our community and blockchain but enables you to start to mine NEEbytes daily and without any further action.


After KYC approval, you will receive 1 NEEbytes daily or 0.001 NEE coin.


Using NEE Channel features will enable you to convert your data and attention into more NEE bytes as long as you log in daily and use the system.


You can receive NEEbytes daily as you:


Add Posts:

3 NEEbytes or 0.003 NEE coins: for your first video of the day

2 NEEbytes or 0.002 NEE coins: for your first picture of the day

1 NEEbytes or 0.001 NEE coin: for your first thought of the day 


Influencer content


If the community appreciates your content, and you receive likes for it, in return, you also receive more coins.


Compelling content that receives the most likes will benefit from a pool of 1000 NEE coins ( or 1 million NEEbytes ) shared between the top 10% of the content that has received the most likes of the day ( 24 hrs period after posting ).


Connecting with friends


All members performing at least one daily activity inside the platform benefit from a pool of 5000 NEE coins (or 5 million NEEbytes) distributed between members and as per a hash power each member will hold.

All members gain one hash power as they join the platform.


To increase your hash power and have access to more coins distributed through this specific pool, a member has the chance to refer new friends to the platform. 


For every two new friends you refer to the platform, your hash power (rights over the 5000 NEE coins in the friends' referral pool) will increase by one point. Referred friends must pass the KYC authentication process for your hash power to be increased. This method is used to differentiated new accounts from bots and from users trying to add multiple accounts)


The more friends you refer and connect with the platform, the more coins you will mine.


Feedback, market research and eastern eggs


As you browse through the NEE channel, you will notice that a daily Survey, Easter egg or Feedback will be available. If you choose to interact with the activity, you can mine 1 NEEbytes (or 0.001 NEE coin).


Survey and Feedback - You will find it at the top of your News Feed page, making it easier for you to identify, complete the activity and convert your data into NEEbytes.


Easter eggs - will randomly appear throughout the site and remain active for a short time or until you uncover and mine them.




There is no frills or secret to mine NEEbytes. All you need to do is to enjoy yourself and browse through our platform.


As we prove the feasibility of our concept and bring forward the actual value of data, we expect you to find our system available on various web and app platforms.


Our technology has been designed to be quickly adopted so other platforms can enable you to perform the same mining procedures.


Today, there is no system like ours, and the power is in your hands to change how you own and control your data.


NEEbytes offer you the chance to no longer be the product of corporations.

We are here to empower you, and only you can change the system to your benefit.


Regulators are implementing Privacy Laws from left, right and center.


It is on you to stop being the product and start becoming the owner of your data rights.


Stop giving your data for free. Start monetizing!


Our system, as mentioned before, is a test to enable you to hold the financial power of your data. Our platform is to be decentralized and to empower you over your data rights. Please feel free to suggest and share your ideas. 


We are eager to study all possibilities to enable an accessible data market where you benefit from your efforts!


In the last thought,


Revenue sharing through the NEE channel will happen every month, as payment becomes available from our partners and after purchasing your cookie data and attention is complete.


See you inside NEE Channel!